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For those not quite canon-familiar with One Piece, this is an informational post for Zoro's fighting style, techniques, major moves, and swords. I'll put pics up later, for now it's wall o' text time.

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Letters delivered to Roronoa Zoro will find him directly, or may be sent to the main camp.

Missives and summons requesting audience and the subsequent private meetings may be seen here.

Personal, private calls via den-den mushi if castmates have them belong here.
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Uh. This is Zoro.


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This is the place to come to goof off, out of game context and just for fun. In-person interactions open to anyone who wants a piece of Zoro.

Fighting is a-ok! Shenanigans and a modicum of crack also welcome. Shippy stuff should be cleared with me first, via PM or Plurk. I don't really do AUs but Cerealia-setting is okay.

Some prompt ideas I'd like to play out:

- castmate interactions he hasn't gotten in canon
- OP-universe settings: at sea, dangerous islands, Marine bases, scene-between-scenes
- talkin' swords with sword people
- get him to open up about things like his past, his blades, what he did during the timeskip...
- drinking games
- nursing back to health
- angst. Yeah. Angst.

A to Z meme

Aug. 4th, 2014 10:43 pm
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I'm bored, so let's analyze Zoro. Some answers High Seas-related.

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Roronoa "do you even own a shirt" Zoro

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